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Four loom bands, a pineapple bracelet with a pineapple loom charm a Brazilian st...
Win now: 2000
Current bid (6): 71

Scatter brainz seriously deranged and sticky darts! Throw them, stick them to...
Win now: 600
Current bid: 599

2 brand new working codes! HURRY, these are rare codes to use for your moshi hom...
Win now: 1000
Current bid: 499

Current bid (26): 117

Lovely new made trapped warrior bracelet made with loom bands
Win now: 1000
Current bid: 1000

made like an elastic band ball
Win now: 40000
Current bid (24): 568

this item is in good condition. just made white loom band snake and if this item...
Win now: 1000
Current bid (2): 35

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